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Building enduring relationship through THOUGHT leadership and knowledge that will be harnessed to create significant VALUE for our PARTNERS.
Enrich Lives not just of our clients, employees and shareholders… but also of the society at large.
‘A’ symbolizes the beginning. The beginning of a new way to look at a traditional business that is rapidly transforming.
‘A’ symbolizes leadership. Leadership in new ideas for new India. Leadership on new insights on existing and new businesses.
Thought leadership, as we call it. An organization built on ideas, insights and integrity.
An organization that understands the worth and value of long term relationship and is also young and passionate.
Antique to us means ‘timeless’.
The two triangles in our logo epitomizes the Antique spirit to keep moving ahead.
To deliver more. To be future focused. Knowledge at Antique is not about what has already happened, but its about WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN.
Antique believes in challenging status quo. Questioning the obvious is a virtue at Antique. The Q represents our quest for knowledge, ideas and insight powered by intellect. Q to us is the most powerful of the alphabets and seeks to unearth the unknown. Q at Antique is quintessential quality to question and seek knowledge that helps us serve our clients. Always.
We like to trust. Trust our people. Trust our people have in us. We begin every relationship with trust and transparency. We do everything to win your trust. Trust us, we never let you down.
We do business with the highest level of Integrity. Integrity is not negotiable at Antique.
We value relationship. We are here to build enduring relationship. We understand the worth and value of relationship. We look at relationship beyond business. Relationship is special at Antique.
Knowledge is power. Knowledge is the backbone that makes Antique. Insight drives us. Research forms the cornerstone of everything we do. Knowledge is a virtue at Antique. Means, not an end.