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Work Culture
Work Culture
Antique is place where passion for work and fun at work goes hand in hand. We have set an open culture in our organization. There are no hierarchical barriers. New ideas, new concepts and new initiatives can be put forth by each of our associate without any kind of hesitance. Everyone's opinion and inputs are valued by the Company.

Antique as an Employer

Why Antique as a career option?
Antique is one of the fastest growing companies in India. The opportunities for you are endless, both in domestic as well as international markets. This is a place where we're free to explore and are encouraged to voice new ideas. We strive for excellence and personal growth. Antique is Equal opportunity employers. We believe in skills, merit and performance.

Our expectations from our employee
At Antique we expect contribution of new ideas and concepts from all the employees which will help to transform business. We expect the high level of commitment to deliver the quality results, commitment to build innovative organization and set benchmark for others and desire to keep growing.

What makes us different?
Antique is a team of entrepreneurs, not just professionals! And that makes us different.
Our indomitable team aims of taking Antique at the topmost position. We are focused on bringing new ideas and new thinking in corporate India, ahead-of-the-curve.
Relationship which we share with our employees is based on trust, integrity and transparency. We always maintain high level of ethical standards.
That's what we present to the rest of the industry: a value system that works for us and with adaptation can work for others.
We would like to set up benchmark for others.